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CBSE NCERT Class 11 Physics Chapter 14 Vibrations 

CBSE Class 11 Physics Ch 14 pdf Notes 

Students may easily learn ideas with the help of the Class 11 Physics revision notes. They were created by qualified teachers keeping in mind the most recent CBSE Syllabus 2023–24. Important subjects like Work, Energy, and Power, Thermal Properties of Matter, Rotational Motion, Thermodynamics, Kinetic Theory, Gravitation, and Laws of Motion are covered in the notes.

This chapter explores Simple Harmonic Motion (SHM), periodic motion of pendulum and spring mass system, damped and forced oscillations, and other related topics. Oscillatory motion is fundamental to physics and is observed in daily life, such as in musical instruments and sound propagation.

Class 11 Physics Ch 14 Typed Notes

• Rotating speed

 Motives, processes, or events that repeat themselves at regular, periodic intervals are called Rotation 

 • Oscillating speed

 The movement of the body is called the vibrational movement if it moves around a certain point after regular time periods.  The point where the body vibrates is called the intermediate or equilibrium state.

 Simple periodic movement

 Simple harmonic motion is a special kind of periodic oscillation movement
 (I) The particle oscillates in a straight line.
 (2) The acceleration of the particle is always directed towards a fixed point on the line.
 (3) The magnitude of the acceleration is proportional to the displacement of the particle

 SHM symptoms
 Displacement in the SHM is given over time by x
 X = sin (+ t + ω)
 Three constants are A, ω and M SHM, that is, they separate SHM from the other.  SHM can be described by the cosine function as follows:
 X = cos (+ t + δ)
 • An oscillating particle displacement at any time equal to the change in vector position during that time.  The maximum displacement value in an oscillating motion on both sides of its mean position is called "displacement amplitude" or "simple amplitude."
 Thus, the dimension A = x is a maximum.
 The time it takes for an oscillating particle to complete a complete oscillation and recognize its average state (equilibrium) is called a "time period" for SHM.  Given by


 The number of oscillations per second is called the frequency.  Expressed in seconds - 1 or Hz.  Frequency and time period independent of amplitude.

 • The stage
 The quantity (quantity + Ф) is called the SHM phase at time t; it describes the state of motion at that speed.  The quantity is the time stage = f = 0 and is called the stationary stage, the initial stage, or the SHM era.  Phase constant is a time-independent term in the positive or sinusoidal function.

 • The force responsible for maintaining S.H.M.  Called restore power.
 If the displacement (x) is smaller than the equilibrium position, the restoration force (F) is given to the body by representation
 F = -xx
 Where k is a constant force.
 • Energy in S.H.M.
 When the body performs SHM, its energy varies between kinetics and potentials, but the total energy is always constant.  In any displacement x from the equilibrium position:

 • Springs in the chain
 If two springs, with fixed k1 and k2 springs, join the chain, the spring constant is given to the group

 • The springs in parallel
 If two springs are connected, which have the spring constants k1 and k2, in parallel, the spring constant in the composition is given by
 K = k1 + k2
 • When the spring is connected to the masses M1 and M2,

 • The pendulum is simple
 The simple pendulum is the most common example of the implementing agencies of S.H.M.  The ideal simple pendulum consists of a block with a heavy mass, suspended without weight from a rigid strut and a fully elastic chain with a rigid strut that you can swing around for free.
 • The length is given by the simple pendulum length of “L”

 The time period for a simple pendulum depends
 (I) the length of the pendulum and
 (2) acceleration due to gravity (G).
 • The second pendulum is the pendulum whose time period is 2s.  In a place where g = 9.8 ms-2, the length of the pendulum is 99.3 cm (= 1 m) in each.
 • If the dense liquid fluctuation P in a U-tube perpendicular to the area of ​​a uniform cross-section A, the oscillation period is given.
Simple harmonic oscillations not pumped and emptied
 Uncompressed simple harmonic oscillation: when a simple harmonic system oscillates with a constant amplitude which does not change over time, its oscillations are called unpaid simple harmonic oscillations.
 Simple wet harmonic oscillation: When a simple harmonic system oscillates with a decreasing amplitude in time, its oscillations are called simple wet harmonic oscillations.
 The angular frequency of the wet oscillator is given by

 • A system is supposed to perform free oscillations, if it is moved or disturbed by a state of equilibrium, it oscillates itself without external interference.
 When a system is forced to oscillate with a frequency other than its natural frequency, it is supposed to perform forced oscillations.
 The external force that causes a forced oscillation is sinusoidal in nature.  It is given as

 • Resonance is the phenomenon of oscillation of a body in two dimensions under the influence of an external periodic force whose frequency is exactly equal to the natural frequency of the given body.  Such oscillations are called "resonant oscillations".
 • Two or more oscillations are connected together so that energy is exchanged between them, which is called a coupled oscillator.  The oscillations produced by coupled oscillations are called coupled oscillations.
 • The speed of the mechanical wave depends on the properties of the medium in which it moves.  If E is the elastic constant and ρ is the density of the medium, then the speed of the wave is given by

 • In the case of electromagnetic waves, we know that they are a combination of oscillations of electric and magnetic fields in vertical directions.  Their propagation speed depends on the permeability and the permeability of the medium.  If μ0 is the permeability and it is the permeability of the medium under vacuum,

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