Class 11 Physics Ch 3

 Motion In A Straight Line Class 11 Chapter 3 Physics Notes  

 Class 11th physics notes,
We learned about "Units and Measurement" in the previous chapter. This chapter will concentrate on Motion on a Straight Line. Kinematics is the study of physical body motion without delving into the causes of that motion. Kinematics is the study of physical quantities such as distance, displacement, speed, velocity, and acceleration. Everything in the universe is in motion. It is a change in an object's location over time.

The earth rotates once every twenty-four hours and circles once a year around the sun. The sun is travelling within the Milky Way, which is moving within its own small group of galaxies. In this chapter, we will look into Motion along a Straight Line.
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The Class 11 Physics Revision Notes will completely clear each student's concepts. It was created by qualified teachers with the most recent CBSE Syallabus 2023-24 in mind. 

 CBSE NCERT Class 11th Physics Notes Cover a Wide Range of Important Topics and Concepts, including Work, Energy, and Power, Thermal Properties of Matter, Rotational Motion, Thermodynamics, Kinetic Theory, Gravitation, and Laws of Motion, among others.

CBSE Class 11 Chapter-wise Physics Notes

Physics Notes cover an overview of the main given points of every concepts and Topics in the NCERT TextBooks Class 11th Physics this Chapter Notes includes topic/concepts wise explanations for all the topic provided in the book such as Distance, displacement, and coordinate systems, Average velocity and average speed, Velocity and speed from graphs, Acceleration, Kinematic formulas, Objects in freefall, Rectilinear motion and Relative velocity in.

Key Notes for CBSE NCERT based Class 11th Physics 

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Kinematics: 1-D Motion

(2a) Position and Displacement:

(1) Simplifications:



(4a) Vectors:

Have magnitude as well as

Vectors   (4a) Vectors:  Have magnitude as well as

Kinematics - 2D & 3D Motion - (A 5a) Motion in 2 & 3 Dimensions: Position vector 

Kinematics - 2D & 3D Motion - (A 5a) Motion in 2 & 3 Dimensions: Position vector

Kinematics - 2D & 3D Motion - (B 5a) Motion in 2 & 3 Dimensions: Position vector 

Kinematics - 2D & 3D Motion - (A 5a) Motion in 2 & 3 Dimensions: Position vector

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The notes are based on the latest CBSE syllabus of Physics NCERT books, which cover the following topics: Mechanics, including Statics, Kinematics, and Dynamics, and Rest and Motion, which includes defining Rest and Motion, Distance and Displacement, Speed and Velocity, and Acceleration.

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