Class 12 Physics Ch 8

Electromagnetic Waves Class 12 Notes Chapter 8

CBSE NCERT Class 12 Physics Chapter 8 Notes
 Class 12th Physics Quick Revision Notes  Revision Physics Electromagnetic Waves Solutions 
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CBSE Class XII physics NCERT Solutions 

Electromagnetic Waves Class 12 Notes Chapter 8

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 Hand Written Notes - class 12 Physics Chapter 8 Electro Magnetic Waves

Electromagnetic Waves Class 12 Notes Chapter 8

Idea of Displacement Current: Not In Syllabus) (But Important Topic). It is a Current which produces in the region in which the electric field and Hence field changes with time.

 Current of Displacement The current that is present in an area where the electric field and electric flux are dynamically changing. It comes from 2.

Need for Displacement Current Ampere’s circuital law for conduction current during charging of a capacitor was found inconsistent. 

Electromagnetic Waves: Waves waves are those in which electric and magnetic field vectors. Change sinusoidally and are perpendicular to each other as Sinusoids de  well as at right angles to the direction & propagation of wave. of Nole Electromagnetic waves are produced by accelerated Charge Particles.

Properties of EM Waves

EM Waves are tra magnetic Fields verse in nature, as electric and Facts at right angles to each other and to the direction of propagation of Electromagnetic Waves 

EM Waves do not require any material medium for their propagation.

132 FM Waves travele 

In EM Waves, the ratio of amplitudes of electric and magnetic Fields is always constant and is equal to the speed of em waves. le C = E


(6) EM Waves are produced by accelerated changed particles.

In t (7). Energy and in EM Waves is equally divided between the electric Magnetic Field vectors. The energy

given by U = U + U8

(8) The rate of flow of is an electromagnetic is described by the vector 5 Called. Pointing which is defined by the expression. S-ILEX B') By wave vector, SI Unit of 5 is watt/m² Or joules second.

(9). The electric vector is responsible for the optical effect of an electromagnetic waves. So electric field vector is also called Light Vector..

(w). Intensity of electromagnetic radiation is the Powering through unit area to unit time and energy

given by. I =



Energy x Distance

Area x Time Area x Distance x Time

(1). Momentum Carried by an electromagnetic wave is

|P = Energy of the wave

Speed of the wave C

for absorbing Surface U

For totally Reflecting 24 12. The existence of electromagnetic waves confirmed by Hertz experimentally in 1988.

Production of EM Waves (Herta

was first scientist to experimentally demonstrate the production and detection of EM Waves. His experimental Set up Consists Metal Plates P and P' Connected with two spheres S and s! Two spheres S and s' are Melal  very close to each other and

are Connected in induction Coils. The high potential difference across the metal plates Concise the air in the gap between the two spheres 

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