Class 12 Physics Ch 6

Electromagnetic Induction Class 12  Chapter 6 Notes

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Class 12 Physics Chapter-wise Electromagnetic Induction Notes Class 12th Physics Solution 
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Electromagnetic induction is the generation of an electromotive force across a conductor when it is subjected to a changing magnetic field. Students can study about the process of a conductor being placed in a fluctuating magnetic field or traveling through a fixed magnetic field. This chapter 6 physics class 12 explanation shows how voltage or Electromotive Force (EMF) is generated across a conductor.

Class 12 Of Electromagnetic Induction explains how an electrical current is created. Students can study about the phenomenon of shifting magnetic fields and the concepts that govern it. This chapter includes discusses solutions to problems such as Henry and Faraday's experiments, Lenz's law and energy conservation, magnetic flux, motional electromotive force, Eddy current, inductance, and so on.

CBSE Class 12th Physics Ch 6 Important Points

1. Magnetic Flux The magnetic flux linked with any surface is equal to total number of magnetic lines of force passing normally through it. It is a scalar quantity.

2. The phenomenon of generation of current or emf by changing the magnetic flux is known as Electromagnetic Induction EMI).
3. Faraday’s Law of Electromagnetic Induction
First Law Whenever magnetic flux linked with the closed loop or circuit changes, an emf induces in the loop or circuit which lasts so long as change in flux continuous.
Second Law The induced emf in a closed loop or circuit is directly proportional to the rate of change of magnetic flux linked with the closed loop or circuit

where, N = number of turns in loop.
Negative sign indicates the Lenz’s law.
4. Lenz's Law Induced emf and induced current always run in the opposite direction of what caused them.
NOTE: The law of conservation of energy results in Lenz's law.
5. If a coil's resistance is R and its number of turns is N. In a brief period of time (dt), the magnetic flux coupled to each turn of the coil varies by a factor of d, which causes an induced current to flow through the coil.

6. If induced current is produced in a coil rotated in a uniform magnetic field, then

7. Motional Emf Given a conductor of length l and speed v traveling perpendicular to a magnetic field B, the potential difference created in the conductor is given 

8. Rule of Fleming's Right Hand If the right hand's thumb, forefinger, and middle finger are stretched out parallel to one another, the forefinger will point in the direction of the magnetic field, the thumb will point in the direction of the magnetic force, and the middle finger will point in the direction of the induced current in the conductor.

9. When a conductor of length l rotates about one end with an angular velocity of in a direction perpendicular to the magnetic field, the induced emf developed between the two ends is given by,

10. A coil can generate the induced emf by (i) subjecting the coil, loop, or circuit to a changing magnetic field.
Altering the coil's area A inside the magnetic field and the angle 0 between B and A (ii), (iii) and (iv).

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Chapter 6 of Class 12 Physics, Electromagnetic Induction, has been developed in accordance with the current CBSE Syllabus 2023-24. This chapter covers the interrelation between magnetism and electricity, with a focus on Faraday's and Lenz's laws. These laws are crucial from an examination perspective, as numerical problems based on them are frequently asked. Students must pay attention to the direction of induced emf and magnetic field while solving these problems. NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Physics Chapter 6 provide a comprehensive understanding of the correct problem-solving approach.Electromagnetic Induction Class 12 Notes Chapter 6