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Current Electricity Class 12 Notes Chapter 3

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CBSE Class 12 Physics Ch 3 Notes Current Electricity Notes

Electric Current: Pate of flow of electric charge through a Conductor is Called electric Current. 

It is measured as the amount of electric charge passing through any cross-section of conductor in unit time. Denoted by I.

I = It if electric Current ductor is steady. 1= it is not steady. 

SI Unit of Ampere (A). Current

Define ONE Regen through its Done Coulomb of charge flows cross-section in one any second-

I= 1C =

1 Ampere IA

Movement of Free Electrons in a Conductor At any temperature, electrons in a metal move randomly in all direction Like Coel Gas Particles.

fig shows an electron moving from A to B through repeated collision & straight Lines travel. between inclusion. 

This Speed is Called Thermal velocity of free electrons Avenage Thermal velocity of free electrons in any direction remain zelo. Maug 20

 When a potential difference is applied across the ends of a Conductor the free electron it move with an average velocity opposite to the direction

of applied electric field, which is, Called Drift velocity of free electrons. Note: Order of Drift velocity. - 10 mls

r_{1} = r_{2}

Freid Relaxation Time: An time between two successive Collision (Collision of e with Ions) is Called Relaxation It is denoted by t

Let us consider a conductor of Length I and Area of tion A across which a potential Difference V Cross is applied.

Total No of free electron in Conductor is k

N = number density Volume of Conductor Ag(62)

N= nAL

force on the electrons acceleration of the electron

Thus drift velocity in teams of relaxation time. =0 Aug Thermal velocity V

Relation between Current & Drift Velocity from figure (C) Total No of electrons in a Conductor is N MAL

Time in which an election move from P to Quail N free electrons pass through cross sect =| t = l

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