Class 12 Physics Ch 4

Moving Charges and Magnetism Class 12  Chapter 4 Notes

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Moving Charges and Magnetism Class 12 Notes Chapter 4

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CBSE NCERT Class 12 Physics Ch 4 Notes

1. The space in the surroundings of a magnet or a current-carrying conductor in which its magnetic influence can be experienced is called magnetic field. Its SI unit is Tesla (T).

2. Oersted experimentally demonstrated that the current-carrying conductor produces magnetic field around it.p
When key K is closed, then deflection occurs in the compass needle and vice-versa,

3. Biot-Savart’s Law According to this law, the magnetic field due to small; current-carrying element dl at any nearby point P is given by

4. The relationship between μ0, ε0 and c is

where, c is velocity of light, ε0 is permittivity of free space and μ0 is magnetic permeability.
5. Magnetic field at the centre of a circular current-carrying conductor/coil.

6. Magnetic field at the centre of semi-circular current-carrying conductor.

7. A circular current-carrying conductor arc with a magnetic field at its center that subtends an angle of 0.

8. Any point's magnetic field is on the axis of the conductor's circumference.

9. Magnetic field due to straight current-carrying conductor at any point P at a distance r from the wire is given by

10. The following figure shows the graphical representation of variation of B with distance from straight conductor.

11. the Circuit Law of Ampere Any closed loop's line integral of the magnetic field B is equal to 0 times the entire current I flowing through the loop.

Using Ampere's law, calculate the magnitude of a straight wire's magnetic field

12. Maxwell first proposed displacement current.

13. Magnetic Field Caused by a Straight Solenoid (i) B = 0nI is the magnetic field at any point inside the solenoid, where n is the number of turns per unit length.
(ii) B = 1/2 nI at the solenoid's ends.

14. Magnetic Field due to Toroidal Solenoid
(i) Inside the toroidal solenoid,
B =μ0nI, here, n =N/2πr ,N= total number of turns
(ii) In the open space, interior or exterior of toroidal solenoid,
B= 0