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Magnetism And Matter Class 12  Chapter 5 Notes

CBSE NCERT Class 12 physics Chapter 5 Solutions 

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[Magnetism and Matter ] CHAPTER NO. 5th Revision NOTES 

Magnetism is The property of any object by virtue of which  it can attract a  piece of iron or steel is Called Magnetism.




Artificial Magnet

Natural Magnet: A Natural Magnet is an ore of Iron (Fe2O3), which attract small pieces. of Iron, cobalt and Nickel toward it.

Artificial Magnet & A magnet which is prepared artificially is Called an artificial magnet, eg electromagnet, a Magnet etc. a Bai Magnet, an Magnetic needle, a horse-shoe

According to molecular theory every molecule of Magnetic substance (whether magnetised or Not) is a complete magnet it self.

The poles of a magnet are the two points near but within the ends of the Magnet, at which the entire magnetism can be assumed to be concentrated.



S = South pole N = North pole.

Bar Magnet.

Some Basics of Magnetism

 The earth  behaves as  a magnet  with the Magnetic Field  pointing approximately from the geographic  South to the north.

 When  a bar magnet is  freely suspended, it points in the direction) north-south direction. The  tip which  points to  the geographic north is Colled  North pole and the tip which points to Geographic South is Called the south pole of the magnet. (ii). Like poles repel each  other and Unlike poles attract each other.

(iv). We cannot isolate the north or south pole of a Magnet. if a bar magnet is broken into two halves, we get two Similar bar magnet with some what weaker Properties.

le magnetic poles monopoles do not exists. (v) It is possible to make magnets out of Iron & alloys.

 Magnetic Field Lines is an imaginary curve, the tangent to Which at any point gives us the direction of Magnetic Field

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Magnetism and Matter Physics
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