Class 10 Science Ch 1

Notes of Ch 1 Chemical Reactions and Equations

Science Notes cover an overview of the main given points of every concepts and Topics in the NCERT TextBooks 

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The class 10 Science revision notes will clear up the concepts of every student. It has been get ready by expert Teachers keeping the latest CBSE Syallabus 2023-24 in Mind. 

 CBSE NCERT Class 10th Science Notes Present a Various of important topics and Concepts like Chemical Reactions and Equations, Acids, Bases, and Salts, Metals and Non-Metals, carbon and Its Compounds, periodic Classification of Elements, life Processes , control and Coordination much more

Key Notes for CBSE NCERT based Class 10th Science 

Chemical Reactions And Equations   Best Handwritten Notes 2023

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Introduction What is a Reaction?

A Change is a Reaction? But

Let me tell you in a Reaction what actually Happens in Rearrangement of atoms which happens Between the

Elements Taking pant in a Chemical Reaction + As • you can see in the above Diagnam Duning a Chemical Reaction Atoms Gret Resanange to from Pockets.

Chemical Reaction Introduction 

The Reaction in which Chemical Substances React with each other to form new Products

Example Magnesium Oxygen [Ribbon] [Forming) Heat →→ Magnesium Oxide [white Powder]

Some Daily Life Exemples one Cooking of food Digestion of food

Ripening of fruit

Converting of milk into Cond.

Identification Of Chemical Reactions

To Your mind a Question may amuse that How we come to konw that a Chemical Reaction is Osuning Somewhere?

We can Easily identify if Time is a Chemical Reaction Ocuning By Sering Some Basic Characterstes of a chemical Reactions

1. Evolution of Gas

We can easily Identify Some of the The Chemical Reactions By Evolution of thas of "Thene. Is Evolution of b
gas it means Reaction

Ex: Reaction between Sodium Carbonate and dilute Mydrochlone oud is identified by Evolution of sas

2.Formation of Precipitate


Some of the Chemical Reactions and identified By the formation of PPT [ Precipitate]

Ex: Chemical Reaction Between Sulphonic acid and Danium Chloride


as identified by theformation of white

PDT of Bontum Sulphate.

3. Change In Colour

Some of the Chemical Reactions one identified By the formation Change in Colour During the Reaction

Cu de

4.Change in Temperature.


When Quicklime i React with water to form Slocked lime and Releases a lot of Energy in the form of Heat This Heat increases the temperature and we can identify that Chemical Reaction is occuring. This type of Praction a known as Exothermic Reaction

5. Change In State

When Candel is Burned the wox of Candel burth and form water and Combon dioxide Now understand Wox is a Solid water is a liquid 

This means that during the combustion reaction of wax Physical State Changes from Solid to Liquid and Gas There are Some Reactions which show more than one characterstics Example Reaction B/w Zimne Granules and dilute Sulphonic and Shows two characterstics Evolution of Gas and Change in temp Chemical Equations

Yes, So now understand how we can Write A Chemical Reaction That is Docuning Any whine in the world

Question Time which one Type of writing A Chemical Reaction will you Prefer 1 Magnesium + Oxygen → Magnesium Oxide 2 Mg + O₂ 2 MgD

Yes, So You Choosed Second One Mone Over to first one because it is easy for us to write and Remember it feels mone interesting

This method of writing down the Chemical Reaction is called Chemical Equation

The method of writing a Chemical Reaction with the Symbols and Formula of Substances moolue is known as Chemical Equation Balancing Of Chemical Reactions:

There is a Law which we have to follow while writing the Chemical Reactions That is Law of Conservation of Mass

Law of conservation of Mass

Acconding to law of Conservation of Mass:" Mast can neithen be Created on destroyed it can only be convented from One form to Another form

It means that Mast is constant Since the formation of Universe and we are not creating it or destroying it we Only Convent it from one form to another form and use

it 0.0 88 Water

This same low we have to follow while writing down the Chemical Reactions it means we have to take the. Sume no of Atoms on the reactant and Product Side of each element

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