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The Solid State Class 12 Chemistry Chapter 1 Notes

Class 12 chemistry Chapter 1 Solid state  
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Solid states are concerned with how particles are arranged within solids to produce various forms of solid structure. Each Solid-State has unique features as a result of these variations in the structural unit. The chapter on general properties of solid-state, the distinction between amorphous crystalline solids, and the nature of binding forces in matter are all addressed in the Chemistry Class 12 NCERT Solution chapter. The NCERT Solutions for Chapter 1 Chemistry Class 12 have been produced by the specialists at PW PhysicsWallah to give further insight into the subjects covered in the chapter.
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CBSE Class 12 Chemistry  Chapter 1 Notes

The solid state It is that stale of matter which have definite shape

1. The solid state
It is that stale of matter which have definite shape,definite mass and definite volume.

Space lattice : 3-D arrangement of const.
particles is known
as space lattice.

UNIT CELL : smallest
repeating portion which
repeat over and
again to make space lattice .

Lattice Point
The atoms, ions or molecules
which are present in unit cell.

Crystal parameters
There are six parameters of
unit cell .
edge length
→ 9. b. a
axial angle
→ d. BM 

Seven type of crystal system


a --b=c

Boy → o



lattice .
Unit cell 

I do Primitive Unit Non Primitive cell unit cell

In which const. particles are present only at corners. 

In which const. particles are present at corners. 

It is the percentage of total space occupied by the sphere in a unit cell
Packing percentage
Votume of sphere
Volume of Unit cell
of atoms ins Packings 

In which const. particles ,are present art corner aswell as body centre .

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