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Class 12 Chemistry Chapter 3 Electrochemistry is important study material for the Students who are studying in CBSE 12th standard. The NCERT Results for Class 12th Physics Questions and Answers, give clear and precise answers will help you to Understand the content completely. Scoring good marks in the Class 12th first term test is Very important as compared to any other class because the marks scored in Higher secondary Class HSC will help you to take admission in your desire Course, college and University.

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Class: 12th
Subject: Chemistry 
Topic: Electrochemistry 
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CBSE Class 12 Ch 3 Electrochemistry Question and Answers With Notes

What is electrochemistry ?
Any It is the study of production of
production of electricity from energy
released during spontaneous chemical .

Q What is Reduction and  Oxidation ?

Any Reduction It is the process in which an atom, ion or molecule gain one
or more e.g cud-1+2 eo → Cu
reduction It is the process in which an atom. ion or molecule lose one or more e e.g .zn
→ 2nd-1+200
Those Rxn in which oxidation as well as
reduction both takes  lace simultaneously
G. Classify substances on the basis of electrical conductivity ?
And  which allow electricity to pass through them
IN-sul.AT#:- which doesn't allow electricity to pass through them
-whose electrical conductivity lies b/w
conductor and Insulator. types → n type   b- type .

Those substance which dissociate into ions in their aqueous sun on passing electricity are known as electrolyte
Non Electrolyte :
Those substance which doesn't dissociate into ions in their aqueous solution on passing electricity is known as non Electrolyte Sugar, Urea,Glucose. 

Factors Influencing Electrolytic Conduction :→ Nature of Electrolyte :large , the no. of ions ,more is conductance.

Nature of Solvent:
The electrolytes ionize in water but not in organic solvents like benzene because water is polar whereas benzene is non-polar . So , electrolytic conductance increase in polar solvents .
→ solute
-solvent attractions / Solvation or
Hydration : solvation of ions ,  lesser is conductance larger the → Temperature As the temp. increases,  the conductance also increases because the dissociation of electrolyte increases. So , number of ions as well as the speed of ions increases.  → Dilution : As dilution increases , the number of ions of a weak
electrolyte as well as their speed l increases and so conductance also increases .  

Key Notes for CBSE based Class 12th Chemistry

The idea of electrochemistry combines chemistry and electricity. It discusses how chemical changes might result in the production of electricity. This article discusses the chemical reactions that happen when an electrolyte is sandwiched between an anode and a cathode in a battery. Students can better comprehend the chemical process in a battery that results in an electric current by using electrochemical reactions. The students may find this chapter challenging to comprehend and may require a lot of practice to grasp the concepts well.

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