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Central Idea of the Poem

The poem deals with the upbringing of a small child, Amanda. It highlights the struggles faced by the child. Poot Robin Klein makes an important point that a child should never be denied freedom Though it is parents who are responsible for proper optringing of their child but that should not make a chid feel trapped Here, Amanda is prepared to be acceptable in society, and this training needs her freedom to be out short. Her imagination is not given enough space, thus making her up angry that she wishes to be an orphan The continuous ragging has, thus, made her moody


Stanza 1

Don't bite your nails, Amarida!

Don't hunch your shoulders, Amandal

Stop that slouching and sit up straight, Amanda


Hunch-Banding the upper portion of body in forward position

Slouching - To stand, sit or move in lazy and downward direction

Exp-In the above lines, Amanda is getting instructed, most probably by her parents for biting nale and witting lazily with her shoulders bent. The tone of instructions here is not a friendly one and thus fails to make any sense to Amanda. 
The poet here, focusses on the aspects related to the upbringing of a child (girl) and how parents go to any limit to bring proper sense to their child. Amanda is thus, getting trained for the society she is a part of. The pressure of making oneself presentable to the society triumphe over every other behaviour and manners. The last phrase or word "Amanda" la uand with an exclamation mark, which shows the irritation and frustration of the parent

Stanza 2

(There is a languid, emerald sea,

where the scla inhabitant is ma a mermaid, drifting blissfully)


Languid-Without any forse or interest Mermaid-An imaginary ses creature having a woman's head and body with a fith's tal instead of tags Drifting-A slow and steady movement

Exp-It is to be noted that the above lines are given within brackets Brackets are used to provide more meaning to the phrase. Here poetuses it

to present the imagination of the little girl, the free-flow of pure thoughts Amands uses her imagination as an escape point from day to day commands of her parents

She feels suffocated in the real world and thus finds pesce in her very own created world where there are no restrains. Amanda is lost in a world of her own away from the disorders and principles of the society. She imagines herself to be a joyful mermaid sailing without any confines alongside soft waves of the green sea. This world of Amanda is free and contained in itself and her happiness doesn't require any other human being

It is important to note that Amanda not requiring her father or mother points that she is being tortured by both of them. Her life is not going the way she wants, and there is no one to support her. For a child, mermaid is a symbol of freedom and wonder. Another meaning that is attached with mermaid is that they don't wish to be disturbed as they live in their cun environs and would do anything to be o that. For this reason Amanda wishes to be a mermaid  

Stanza 3

Did you finish your homework, Amanda?

Did you fidy your room, Amunda? thought told you to clean your shoes, Amandal


Tidy-To be in right order

Exp-Amanda is now being asked about whether she has finished her homework, or tidied up her room and also whether she has cleaned her shoes. These set of instructions marks a shift from the instructions given in Stanes. Now Amanda is being coached about the things that are related to her surroundings. 
The pattern of instructions explains that how every aspect of her is related to questioning and proper guidance. She is being disciplined for every little thing, making her lose every aspect of hers. Har innocence is eventually getting lost with passage of time.
 The way these instructions are delivered points out the regular nature of these lessons. Her name being called again with an exclamation mark shows that the parents seem to be losing their cool and are troubled. They are helpless in bringing correct senses to this girl as she is not paying proper head to the instructions given by them

Stanza 4

I am an orphan, roaming the street I pattern soft dust with my hushed, bare feet.

The silence is golden, the freedom is t


Orphan-A child whose parents are either dead or gone missing
Roaming- To move about aimlessly, especially over a wide area 

Hushed-Very quiet and still 
Bars-Something not clothed or covered

Exp-Amanda is again lost into her own world. After getting a frish list of instructions from her parents, the unshes to be away from this daily routine life. The very first one looks actually depressing wher Amanda hope to be an orphan suggesting how much depressed the iu because of her parents. 
This is indeed a very sorry place for a child to be in Parents should be very careful in making their kids understand the ways of the world. While doing so, they should Suso respect their child's rene about the things around them. 
Amanda perceive herself as an orphan roaming on the streets, moving aimlessly without any purpose. She seems happy as she draws patterns using her bare feet. Patterning of dust by Amanda is important here as it bring order to the carefree world of hers. The shouting and yelling of her parents am too harsh for her to bear that the desires for this calmness.

Stanza 5

Don't eat that chocolate, Amanda Remember your are, Amanda!

1 you please look at when fins speaking to you Amundal


Anne-Common skin disease characterised by pimplos espacialy on face

Exp - The set of instructions provided here indicates how much essential it is for Amands to understand the value of external beauty, and steps to be taken to preserve it start from a very tender age. Amanda is stopped by her parents from eating a chocolate as previously that had

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