CBSE Class 10 Social Science SST Notes

CBSE NCERT based Class 10th Social Science Notes

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History: India and the Modern World – II, Geography: Contemporary India – II, Civics (Political Science): Democracy – II, Economics: Understanding Economic Development – ​​II,

and is one of the revised grade notes. department.  Revision Notes for NCERT Class 10 Social Science History, Geography, Civics, and Economics are provided here. According to her new CBSE exam pattern, 10th grade social science MCQ questions and answers 

students can also see her NCERT answers for the 10th grade social sciences and extra grade questions.  

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 Students preparing for the upcoming class 10th exams need to work hard to get better grades on the exams. We provide CBSE class 10 notes for all economics sub-subjects. These notes help students do well in social science exams. Students can quickly revise the entire NCERT Grade 10 Social Sciences syllabus by reviewing these notes. Experts use the latest guidelines to create these notes, and students can read them regularly. 

The Class 10 exam is a stepping step to career development in student life. Academic performance on Class 10 th Boards opens up many new opportunities and allows you to plan your future accordingly. Social Studies is an important part of the CBSE Class 10 curriculum and the Class 10 SST Notes are mandatory reading for everyone. This article provides insight into the content and how you can benefit from it in different ways. The Social Science Notes for History, Political Science, Geography, and Economics Class 10 help students prepare for subject exams. They are professionally prepared and comply with the latest CBSE syllabus and guidelines. Class 10 SST notes are compact and accurate, yet detailed enough to allow for quick and complete revision. Students can review revision notes throughout NCERT. Students can read these notes for regular revision.

Revision Notes Social Sciences includes:

CBSE Class 10th Board History Revision Notes

CBSE Class 10th Board Civics Revision Notes

Chapter 1 - Power Sharing.

Chapter 2 - Federalism.

Chapter 3 - Democracy and Diversity.

Chapter 5 - Popular Struggles and Movements.

Chapter 6 - Political Parties.

Chapter 8 - Challenges to Democracy.

CBSE Class 10th Board Geography Revision Notes

Chapter 3 - Water Resources.

Chapter 4 - Agriculture.

Importance of Revision Notes for Class 10 Social Sciences

 These NCERT notes are very helpful for the CBSE exam. CBSE the NCERT books and most of the CBSE exam questions are taken from the 
NCERT textbooks. 
The CBSE Revision Notes for Class 10 Social Sciences examination comprise of concise key and chapter notes. These notes are intended to facilitate review and revision of the subject matter. Additionally, the 10th Social Science CBSE Sticky Notes are also included. The Chapter Summary for the Social Sciences Standard 10 is readily accessible for free download in PDF format.
These notes are based on his latest NCERT syllabus and are prepared according to the new syllabus published by CBSE for this session. NCERT Notes for the social science section and social science for all chapters can be downloaded from the website.

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