A letter to God Handwritten Notes with PDF Class 10 English CH 1

 A letter to God Handwritten Notes with PDF Class 10 English Chapter 1

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CBSE Class 10th English Chapter 1 Notes

A letter to God Handwritten Notes with PDF  Class 10 English CH 1

Chapter sketch

This story re-accounts the hard life and extreme faith in God of A Poor Farmer Lencho who has lost his crop due to heavy 
rain and hailstones .
The Crop is the only source of income to fulfil his family desires.
He firmly believes that God will help him in such situations and would not let him and his family die due to
He writes a letter to God to seek help and some kind employees of the post office helped him .
The story tells us to have faith in God and never lose hope in adverse situations. 

About the Characters

1) Lencho

A Poor Farmer who lives on the crest of low hill with a family he was a Firm believer of God he is innocent hopeful caring and responsible.

2) Postmaster

A fat fellow who helped Lencho To retain his faith in God he gave a part office salary in the charity for 
Lencho on behalf of God.

3) Post-office Employees 

People who helped Lencho on post-Master Call they laughed at Lencho when they saw the letter but 
help him in his need Lencho called them a bunch of crooks.

Overview of the Chapter

1) Lencho hope of Good Harvest

LenCho was A farmer who lived on the crest of a low hill with his family his house 
was the only house in the entire valley his field was full of ripe Corn and easily 
visible from the house he was eagerly waiting for a good rain to have a good 
harvest so that he could earn money for his family

2)Turning of Lencho Hope Into despair

As Lencho hoped it start raining at the time of supper which gave Lencho a ray of hope He was extremely happy to see that yeah it is raining He compare the 
raindrops as silver coins which shows his joy. 

But soon his joy turn into despair as the rain change into hailstones Wich Ruined the crops the field has been covered with
a snow like a layer of white salt Lencho was worried of his Family

2) Lencho Firm believe in God 

Though he was a poor farmer and had lost all his crops he had firm faith in God he found his
last hope in God and decided to write A letter to God for help he asked God to send him 100 pesos so that he can sow his field again and support his family until the new crops were harvested
He also wrote that if God didn’t help him his family would die with hunger.

4) The Postmaster‘s reaction to Lencho’s letter 

After reading Lencho’s letter to God, the postmaster laughed but soon realised that Lencho had
firm faith in God and his belief should not be shaken. So, he decided to help Lencho with the help of
his post office employees. He collected seventy pesos and handed the envelope to Lencho himself
in which he also contributed a part of his salary.

Lencho Gets angry on receiving less money

Lencho became angry when he saw seventy pesos in the envelope as he demanded a hundred pesos. He did not believe that God could do so and send less money. So, he decided
to write a letter again for the rest of money. This time he requested God not to send the rest
of the money through the letter because he thought that the post office employees were
‘bunch of crooks’ who might have stolen his money.

Chapter flow Points

1 Lencho’s hope of good rain to have a good crops.
2 It rains but the rain soon changes into hailstones.
3 Lencho has firm faith in God.
4 Lencho writes a letter to God to help him.
5 Lencho asks God to send him hundred pesos.
6 Postmaster and other employees laugh at Lencho’s letter to God.
7 Postmaster decides to help Lencho in his problem.
8 Postmaster wants every employee to help in this noble deed.
9 Postmaster collects seventy pesos and gives the envelope to Lencho himself.
10 Lencho gets angry after getting seventy pesos amount as he had asked for hundred pesos.
11 Lencho calls the employees of post office a ‘bunch of crooks’ as he thinks that they have stolen the rest of amount.
12 Lencho again writes a letter to God to send him rest of the money.
13 Lencho has firm faith in the magnanimity of God; and God never betrays the trust of a believer.

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