Notes of Excretory Products and their Elimination Bio

Class 11 Excretory Products and their Elimination Biology Notes 

Class 11th Biology Science Stream Toppers CBSE Class 11 Chapter-wise Biology Notes

Biology Notes provide an outline of the essential elements of each subject and topic covered in the NCERT Textbooks for Class 11th Biology. This Chapter Notes section contains topic/concept-by-topic explanations for all of the topics covered in the book, such as

• Ammonia 

• Urea 

Uric acid 

are the most significant nitrogenous wastes excreted. 

• Protonephrosis

• Nephrosis

• Tubules of Malpighian

• The most prevalent excretory organs in animals are the green glands and the kidneys.

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CBSE Class 11 Biology  Excretory Products and their Elimination Notes

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