Sources of Energy Class 10 Notes Science Chapter 14

 Sources of Energy Class 10 Notes CBSE Science Chapter 14

CBSE NCERT Class 10 Notes Science contains physics, chemistry and biology notes of chapter 14 Sources Of Energy topics given in textbook are part of Revision Notes for Class 

Science Notes cover an overview of the main given points of every concepts and Topics in the NCERT TextBooks Class 10th Science this Chapter Notes includes topic/concepts wise explanations for all the topic provided in the book such as Fossils Fuel,  Energy, Renewable and Non Renewable Energys , Hydro power , Bio gas plants, Windmill , Solar Energy , Conventional and non conventional Source of Energy, Wood, Coal, LPG, Kerosene and Geo thermal 

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Sources of Energy Need of energy! - plant

→ for making food by in Found for lightning(Aakasheeya bijali).

→ For transport

→ For stunning machines FOST Industrial activities and agricultural wal

Qualities of a good source of energy. which would do a large amount of

i)work per unit mass. cheap and easily Available.

i) easy to store and transport. Safe to handle and use.
Does not cause environmental pollution.

V) Fuels- The materials which are burnt to produce heat as fuels. 20 energy are known

Ex  Wood, Coal, LPG, Kerosene

Characteristics of good fucks- i) High Calorific Value in) Burn without giving out any smoke or

δΈͺ Proper Ignition temperature.

(iv) gases cheap and easily available. easy to handle, Sade to transform. Convenient to store Buin Smoothly

Sources of energy

•Conventional Sources of energy
Non Conventional Sources of energy

i) Fossil fuels Exist, foto) i) Tso lan energy. Thermal power plant (1) Energy & som the sea. Hydro power plants

i) biomass-biogas plant and wind energy 1) Nuclear energy. Solan call hand.

been thermal ener Ex Coal, terrarium v) Ex. Solar cooker,

Conventional Sources of energy.

1 Fossil fuels

→ Released oxides of Carbon, nitrogen and Sulphur which Causes and such that
Fuels developed from the ex. Coal petroleum Take millions of years to form. Available in very limited amount. There are non-renewable Sources of entry Pollution Caused by fossil fuels:-

damages trees, plants, reduces textiles of soil. Produces too amount of CO₂ in the

atmosphere which causes green house effect leading to excessive heating of the earth.
Controlling caused by fossil fuels → Increasing the efficiency of the combustion

→ Using various techniques to reduce the escape of handel gaser and ashes into the Set Surroundings

2. Thermal power plants -

→A power plant which uses heat energy to generate electricity. Burning at fossil fuels produces steam. to sun turbines. Transmission of electricity is mane efficient 

3.Hydro power plants -

→ Convert the potential energy at falling water into electric Energy: Hydro power plants are associated with. Dams: Around 25% of our country's energy requirment is met by Hydro power 

Advantages of hydro power plants. → No environmental Pollution. → water is a sensible Sources of electric energy. Construction of dams for events leading of rivers  water 

Variations. Disadvantages of Hydro towel plants- Large ecosystems are destroyed. 7 Creates the problems of satisfactory. rehabilitation of displaced pestle. → Highly expensive to construct.

4- Biomass

 The dead parts of plants and trees and the waste materials of

i) animals and man are called Biomass. Wood:- it is a biomass and used as a Fuel & for a long time. Disadvantages of using wood as fuel:- -> Produces a lot of smoke on burning. Do not produce much heat.

ii) charcoal - when wood is burnt in. limited supply to air, then water and o the volatile materials gets removed and charcoal is doomed. Charcoal is better fuel than wood because? it has higher Calorific value than wood. → Does not produce smoke while burning. > it is a compact fuel, easy to handle and Convenient to use.

710) Cow dung it is biomass but it is

not good to burn cow dung dried !!! as fuel because- -) Produces lot of smoke. →) Crowding does not burn completely. Produces lot of ash as residue. low calorific value.

5. Bio gass it is produced in a biogas.

Plant + Advantages of Bio gas:

it is an excellent fuel as it contains upto 75% methane (CH 4) ii) it burns without smoke.. Leaves no residue like ash in wood & cood burning iv) Heating Capacity is high U) it is also used fan lighting.

6: Wind energy Uses of kinetic energy generated by wind energy To generate electricity by turning the noton of the function to lift water from the well to run the flow mille.

The minimum wind speed for windmill serve as a source of energy

4. 15-20 km PH.

Advantages of wind energy

Eco-friendly →  Electric source of Jene walle energy -7. No recurring expenses to reduction of electricity. Disadvantages of wind energy:- → wind energy farms peed large area of Initial cost of establishing wind energy.

Farm is very high.

→ High level of maintenance of blade of

Wind Mill.

Non-Conventional Sources of Energy."

Day by day, our demand for energy increases, so there is a need for another Source of energy.
 alternate sources of energy: The fossil fuel reserves in the earth are limited which may get exhausted soon. If we use the at the current grate. Reduce the pressure on fossil fuels making them last for a much longer the to Reduce the collection level and to Save the environment

i) Solar energy

→ Sun is the ultimate source of energy. → Energy obtained from the sun!! Called Solar energy

So lan Constant 1.4 kJ/s/m²

Solar energy devices:- So land Cooker So lan hunter heater... Solar cells.

"Geo thermal energy" - "Geo' means earth and thermal'

'heat' then thermal energy is the heat energy from hot rocks present. Inside the cart.

Advantages of geothermal energy? Economical to cale geothermal energy. Does not Cause any pollution.

Limitations of geothermal energy!- Geothermal every where. energy 18 not available Deep drilling in the earth to obtain geothermal energy is very difficult and expensive

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