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STORY of His His First Flight

This story is about a family of seagulls. There was a young child in the family who was unable 
to fly even after several tries. The story highlights the importance of family and friends in one’s 
life. It also gives the message that one needs to believe in self to overcome all the hurdles of 
own life.

Chapter Summary 

The seagull family consists of six seagulls-mother, father, three sons and one daughter. All of them except the youngest 
son are expert in flying high. His parents have tried several times to teach him how to fly but he is scared to do that 
and does not want to try anymore. He relies on the food that his parents bring back from their flights

Young Seagull’s Fear of Flying

The youngest son is afraid of flying as he thinks that if he flies, his wings would not support him and he would fall down 
in the sea below and drown. Even his parents have rebuked him. They even threatened him if he doesn’t fly, he would die 
of hunger but he does not try.

Parents Leave Young Seagull Alone

After so many failed attempts his parents leave him alone on the rock without food. They even taunt him for his cowardice. The 
young seagull looks at his brothers and sister enjoying swimming, diving in the sea water for fish to feed themselves, but no 
one comes near him to offer food.

Hunger and Heat Increase

As the time passes, the young seagull could not tolerate the hunger and the heat. He moves closer to the edge and pretends 
to fall asleep but nobody takes notice of him.His brothers and sister have already had hearty breakfast and father seems 
busy preening the feathers on his back. The mother looks at him and tries to tempt him with pieces of fish. Her begging and 
crying does not effect him.

Young Seagull Dives for Food

The young seagull was very hungry. He was surprised enough at his mothers’ ignorance of his pitiful condition. Thus, he 
dives for food. He begins to fall down with a scream as soon as he dives

Flight Begins

The young seagull begins to fall in the sea. He is afraid of drawing, so he tries to spread his wings outwards and begins 
flying. He feels a little dizzy but all his fear vanished. He soars slowly, downwards and upwards. He could finally fly on his 

Joy of Flight and Reunion of Family

The seagull becomes so happy and soars higher calling ‘ga, ga, gab It was really 
a joyous moment for the whole family; his brothers and sister alongwith his 
parents come near to encourage and cheer him. The young seagull successfully 
made his first flight

Chapter Highlights

1 Seagull family of 6 members.
2 The young seagull afraid of flying.
3 Family has concern of his food and fear of flying.
4 Cajoling and provoking him by family.
5 Family leaves him alone at the rock.
6 He cries because of heat and hunger.
7 No one looks at him except the mother.
8 Temptation by mother for a piece of fish.
9 He pretends to sleep but nobody comes to him,
10 Everybody taunts him for his cowardice.
11 The young seagull dives to catch a fish to feed himself.
12 He tries to spread his wings outwards.
13 He begins to fly slowly downwards and upwards.
14 He is now no longer afraid of flying and falling down in the sea. He soars with a joyous scream.
15 Seagull family comes near to him and encourages him.
16 He has made his first flight successfully.

Thinking about Text 

3. “They were beckoning to him, calling shrilly. “Why did the seagull’s father and mother threaten him and cajole him to 
The young seagull was afraid to fly. Even when it saw its brothers and sisters flying, and its parents helping and 
teaching them, it could not gather enough courage to make that first flight. That is why its father and mother were 
calling to it shrilly and scolding it. They threatened to let it starve on its ledge if it did not fly. They did so because they 
wanted it to leave its fear behind and learn to fly.
Frederick Forsyth
In the story the narrator was flying to England with his family to enjoy his holiday. He wanted to reach England in time so 
that he could enjoy a good English breakfast with his family.

Chapter Summary 

The Trip to England
The author was flying his aeroplane at night over France to England. He was eager to meet his family. He was 
dreaming of his holiday. The stars were shining in the clear sky. Even the city-Paris could be seen down below. He 
called Paris control to get instructed about the way. He was instructed to turn 12 degrees West.

Fear of Storm

Everything was going well before he saw the storm clouds and Paris was about 150 kilometres behind 
him. It was natural for the author to panic. He knew that it was not possible to fly up and over those 
storm clouds. He was confused for a rtioment.

A Risky but Brave Decision of the Author

As everything was fearful at the moment, the author decided to risk and flew into the storm, but everything went berserk. 
The compass as well as other instruments stopped working. He was unable to see outside the plane as the plane was 
jumping and twisting in the air. He tried to contact Paris Control but couldn’t. He was lost in the storm

A Black Aeroplane Appeared

Suddenly, the author saw another black aeroplane in the storm by his side without lights on its wings. It seemed strange 
to him but he was glad to see another person in the storm.
The pilot of another plane waved at him and signalled to follow so he did that because he did not have other option 
except it.

A Safe Landing

The author flew for half an hour which was quiet strange to him as he had fuel only for five or ten minutes. He felt tearful but 
suddenly he saw two bright lines infront of him. It was a runway. He was able to land safely which gave him a sigh of relief. It 

The Greatest Surprise

The author came out from his plane to thank the pilot of the black aeroplane but he was shocked to see no one there. 
He went to Control Tower and asked the woman about the place and the black aeroplane. Hearing his words the 
woman laughed and said that there was no other aeroplane except his. It was a big surprise to the author. He was 
dumb founded as he had no explanation for the miracle.

Chapter Highlights

1 The clear sky with shining stars
2 The author was about to meet his family at breakfast.
3 At 1:30 in the morning, author flew in his Dakota aeroplane and he was instructed to turn 12 degrees West by Paris Control.
4 He was around 150 kilometre away from Paris.
5 The cloud storms approached him.
6 He decided to enter the storm.
7 A risky decision of the author due to his willingness to see his family.
8 He lost the way in the storm.
9 All the instruments stopped working.
10 A black aeroplane appeared by the author side in the storm.
11 He was instructed to follow the black plane.
12 Without much fuel he flew for half an hour.
13 He landed safely on the runway.
14 He went out from his aeroplane to thank the pilot of the black aeroplane.
15 Got surprised not to find anyone there in the aeroplane.
16 The author asked the woman of Control Tower about the black aeroplane.
17 She laughed and replied in negative about such a plane.
18 A miracle with no explanation for the author which saved his life.

Thinking about the Text
1. “I’ll take the risk.” What is the risk? Why does the narrator take it?
The risk was to fly through the black storm clouds. The narrator took the risk because he wanted to reach Paris to 
celebrate Christmas with his family.
2. Describe the narrator’s experience as he flew the aeroplane into the storm.
As he flew into the storm, everything went black. It was impossible to see anything outside the plane. It jumped and 
twisted in the air. When he looked at his compass, he saw that it was turning round and round. It was dead. Along with it, 
the other instruments, including the radio, were also dead. Suddenly, he saw another aeroplane. Its pilot waved at him, 
asking him to follow. He was glad to find a helper. He was using his last fuel tank and there was only enough fuel to fly 
five or ten minutes. Then, the other pilot started to go down and he followed. He suddenly came out of the clouds and 
saw the runway, on which he then landed his plane safely.

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