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Class 10 English  A Tiger in The Zoo  Notes & Q/A

 A Tiger in the Zoo Poem Summary 


➡ A tiger in the zoo is a very interesting poem, in this poem poet provides a contrast in the mood and environment of a tiger when the tiger is in the zoo and when the tiger in the jungle

. Poets say when the tiger is in the zoo, he has no freedom. He is kept in a cemented cell behind the bars. He feels angry, frustrated, and helpless and he lives his life under 4 walls. With no happiness. But when the tiger in the jungle, He has freedom, the happiness he lives life in his own ways.

Jungle tiger lives in natural habitat, he enjoys his freedom, he hiding and sliding in the long grass near the water hole and pouncing upon the fat deer. How he terrorized the villagers by displaying his sharp teeth and claws.

At night in the zoo, he hears the sounds of patrolling cars and looks at the bright star with bright eyes. 

Important QandA for the Board Exam Of A Tiger in the Zoo 

Question 1.
How does the tiger act in the cage?
The tiger is in the cage. He is powerless and helpless. He longs for freedom. His velvet pads do not make any noise. He is in the silent anger roaring and ignoring the visitors.

Question 2.What would the tiger do in a forest?
Answer: In the forest, the tiger can enjoy complete freedom. He would walk around freely without any fear. He would terrorize the villagers by growling. He would show his teeth and claws.

Question 3. What does the poet want to convey through this poem?
Answer:The poet wants to convey that like human beings, animals also like freedom. They donot want to be caged, they cannot live a miserable life. If their habitat is destroyed by human beings, these animals cannot survive.

Question:- Why is he in quiet rage? [2014]
Answer:- He is in quiet rage as he is locked and his freedom has been curtailed. Thus, he is unable to show his anger and ferocity.

 Question:- How does the tiger make his presence felt in the village?
Answer:- The tiger makes his presence felt by snarling around houses at the jungle's edge and by showing his white fangs and claws.

Question Where should the tiger have been according to the poet?
Answer:- The poet thinks that the tiger should have been in the jungle, lurking in the shadow of long grass to prey on the deer near the water hole. He should also be on the outskirts of the jungle snarling around houses and terrifying villagers

What message does the poet give?

Ans: The poet gives out the message that the animals at the zoo do not live happily. They lead a miserable life in the cages. They want to be in their natural habitats. They should be  taken care of Zoos

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