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Notes of Ch 2 Acid, Bases And Salts

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 CBSE NCERT Class 10th Science Notes Present a Various of important topics and Concepts like Chemical Reactions and Equations, Acids, Bases, and Salts, Metals and Non-Metals, carbon and Its Compounds, periodic Classification of Elements, life Processes , control and Coordination much more

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Thene one Different Chemical Elements. Known to us at present these Elements Combined

to form a lange no of Compounds on the basics of their Chemical properties these one

1 Acid

2 Bases

3 Salts

Question Time

How we came to know that wheather a Substance is an Acid OR Base ?

Ans- Well, We Use Some Chemical Substances which tells Us Wheather a Substance we have taken

Is an acid OR Bose. By Changing it's Physical, Chemical Properties Like Smell, Colour etc


An indicaton is a Chemical Substance which tells us wheathen the Chemical we are taking is an acid OR Base by Changing it's Coloour

Fon now, we need to Know About 3 types of Indicators :-

1-Natural Indicators


Indicatons which are Obtomed naturally one Called natural indicatone for example: Litmus," Cabbage tuntunic, onion, Vanilla etc


•12-Red Cabbage

An Acid tann Blue Mus to Rod

Red Cabbage Remains Red in Aud

Remains Yellow m Acid

An Base turn Red litmes to Blue

Turns Green in Basic Solution

Becomes Red-Brown in Base.

2-Olfactory indicators

Substances which Change them odeun with Acid and bases ane Called Olfactory indicatons

Example Vanilla Onion etc

1- Onion


Omen lost it's Smell in Basic Sol"

Loose Smell in Bouc Sol

Restore it's Smell in Acidic Sol"

Restore Smell m Audic Sol"

3- Synthetic indicators

Synthetic Indicatons ane obtained from Artificial Substances that are Produced in lab's Example :- Methyl Orange, Phenolphthalein 

1-Methyl Orange


My Apple is Red My Banana is Yellow

Colourless  Acidic Sol"

Turns Red m Acidic Sol"

Pink Coloun m Basic Sol"

Yellow in Basic Sol"

Acids Physical Properties

2 Acids have a Sour taste

3. They can Change Coloun of Blue Litmus to Red

4. Acids Get's Tonne on dissolving in water and Produe (H+) ion also known as Hydrogen ion

Organic Acids

Acids present in Plants and Animals ane Organic / Weak Acids Example: Acetic Acid, lactic Acid, The weak Auds is not hommful to eat OR Drink

Tartaric Acid

They cannot Tonize Water Completely
Acids preponed from the minerals of Earth ame called Mmenal Acids Simple Hydrochloric Acid, Sulphuric Acid and tartaric Acid

Concentrated Acids are Very Dengenous they can burn our hands and Clothes These Acids Should be handel with cone and Generally mixed with water to Dilute them Such Acids are Called Diluted Acids

During Dilution of an Acid, Acid Should be Always mixed with watet in Acid. Not water in Acid that CanCause Splash On Your face and Can Causa Sevene Acid burns They Can Tonne Water Completely

Chemical Properties of Acids

1) Reaction of acid with metal

By neation of Acid with metal Salt to metal and Hydrogen Gas are produced

Acid + Metal Salt of Metal + Hydrogen ~

Eg 2HCI + (a ~ Colla + M₂ (G).

2) Reaction of Acid with Base

Acids React with Base to form salt and Water. This is called Neutrilisation Reaction

Acid + Base~ Salt + water

Eg: MCI+ NaOH → Nall + 120

Acids React with Metal Oxide to form salt and Water Similan to an Aad Base Reaction

3) Reaction of Acid with Metal Oxide

Acid + Metal Onde Salt + Waten

Eg 2HCl + Na₂0

2 Nall +10

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