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Class 12 Chemistry Chapter 2 Solution is an important study material for the Students who are studying in CBSE 12th standard. The NCERT Results for Class 12th Physics, give clear and precise answers will help you to Understand the content completely. Scoring good marks in the Class 12th first term test is Very important as compared to any other class because the marks scored in Higher secondary Class HSC will help you to take admission in your desire Course, college and University.

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PW CBSE Class 12 Chapter 2 Solution Notes   

It is a homogeneous mixture of two
or more components & uniform composition 4 one phase g one table spoon of sugar in water Solute Component present in small amount.
Solvent Component present in large amount We Mass of solute WA Mass of solvent 

•Total mass of solution
Aqueous Solution Solution in which water to present in large amount eg ethanol with water Non-Aqueous Solution Solution in which water is large amount of Benzene with not present in why oil and water do not mix? 

NCERT toluene Because water is polar in Nature but oil is non
-polar in nature. what do you mean by Binary  A Such type of solution containing one solute and one solvent called Binary solution. eg Alcohol and water

what do you mean by ternary Solution Such type of solution containing two solutes and One solvent called ternary Solution

UNSATURATED SOLUTION. Those solution in which SATURATED SOLUTION at fixed temp and pressure, those solution in which no more solute can be dissolved. dilute Solution Such type of Solution in more and more dilute can be dissolved.

Concentrated Solution Such type of solution in which acid is present in which quantity and water. in small quantity called is present in large quantity concentrated solution.
acid to present 

Distinguish blu Alcohol and aqua
Ans Alcohol to solvent. Aqua water to solvent.
Solid Solution In which solid is solvent. liquid solution In which liquid is solvent. Gaseous solution In which gas to solvent. 

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