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We have provided the NCERT Chapter Summary for Class 10 English First Flight Chapter 7 Glimpses of India, as well as some very important questions and answers at the end of the notes. Board, CBSE. Class 10 NCERT textbook Some very important questions along with answers at end of notes .

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CLASS 10 English Glimpses of India Notes & Important Questions

Overview Summary 

The chapter 'Glimpses of India' consists of three parts

1A Baker from Goa by Lucio Rodrigues

2 Coorg by Lokesh 

3 Tas from Assam by Anup Kumar Datta

The first part is a per-portrait of a traditional Goan village bakar or pader who and has an important place in con cultural although the Portuguese he left along the back.

The second part is a pen portrait of Coorg, which is a coffee country, famous for to rain forests and spices The third parties about the plantations in Assum


Bread Making in Goa
This is a pen portrait of the traditional Going village haker, uho is still remembered by Goans Bread making started from the Portuguese days. 
They were the lovers of bread Bread making was an art which needed perfection Mixing, moulding and baking were the areas of specialisation of making a bread. The loves were baked in fine tested furnaces. This profession has been continued by the baker's descendants

The Author's Childhood Sagu Recalled

The writer remembers his childhood days when the baker used to be their friend, companion and guide. He used to visit twice a day, once in the morning during his selling hours and then again while returning after seling all his bread. The hinging thud of the bamboo he carried woke them up in the morning and they ran to meet and greet him. They ran for getting the bread bangles, which were a specially made sweet bread.

Delivering the Loaves

As the baker came, he would call out the lady of the house and with her Good Morning. The children would be pushed aside and the loaves would be delivered to the maid servant.
 The author recalls the aroma of loaves that filled the air. The children would not even brush their teeth and ale bangles made of bread with sa 
Importance of Bread in Traditional Ceremonies

The various kinds of bread were very important for all occasions. 
No marriage was complete until and unless the traditional bol was served. The lady of the house prepared sandwiches on the occasion of her daughter's engagement and bolina would be prepared for Christmas and other festival.

The bar was usually dressed in a kabai, a long frock reaching down to the knees or a shirt and a trousers which were porter than full-length ones and longer than half pants. Even today if anyone dares to go out in the streets wearing half pants, he referred to as a pudor (mean bakar

Bread Making A Profitable Profession

The baker usually planted his bille or the and of the month. All the accounts were written on sema wall in the premises with pencil. It was a profitable profession during those days because Portuguese were lowers of fresh task le. 
The bakar, he family members and his servants looked prosperous and happy.

Chapter Highlights

The Portuguese Goa were lowers of tread 2. Those eaters of bread have now gone but the makers text

3 During the childhood days of the narrator, a baker used to be their friend, companion and guide

4 The hole came twice a day once in the morning and again while returning home after finishing .

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