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The Ball Poem Handwritten Summary 2023

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CLASS 10 ENGLISH  Chapter: The Ball Poem Notes&Q/A

CLASS 10 ENGLISH Chapter: The Ball Poem Notes&Q/A


The poet John Berryman through his poem, 'The Ball Poem' has described the reality of life which everyone has to face one day. He discussed the topic of how to stand up against the miseries and sorrows of life Key points

• The little boy has lost his ball.

⚫ He can buy many new balls but he has a very deep emotional attachment and memories associated with that ball.

So he regrets over the loss of the ball.

• The poet is indirectly trying to tell us that we should learn how to cope up with the loss.

• Money is external i.e. we can't buy memories with money.

• We all should learn our responsibility and learn to cope up with the loss.  

II. Short Answers:

Q1. What does John Berryman want to convey through this poem? 

Ans. Poet, John Berryman wants to convey the importance of loss and responsibility in life. We all should learn our responsibility and how to cope up with the loss. The poet also wants us to learn that things will get lost from time to time and money simply cannot replace them all.

Q2. How does the boy feel at the loss of his ball?
Ans. The boy is very much troubled at the loss of his ball. He experiences grief at the loss of his much loved possession. Like a statue, he keeps staring at the ball with his desperate eyes. He finds it difficult to cope up with the loss.

Q3. Write the sum and substance of the poem "The Ball Poem".
 Ans. In "The Ball Poem", Berryman tells us how our childhood can quickly fly by, as quickly as a ball is lost and how we sometimes unsuspectingly must grow up and face hardships, likeloss.

Q4. "Money is external". What does the poet mean by this expression?
Ans. The poet makes the boy understand about his responsibility as the loss is immaterial. Not every loss can be replaced by money. Money is external as it cannot buy memories, nor can it replace the things that we love, the things that really matter. 

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Money, though is very important in our life, but it cannot replace everything. Explain.

Ans. Money is very important in everyone's life but the poem teaches us one thing more. Money is external because it cannot buy everything that one loses. The poem can be interpreted both literally and metaphorically. Literally, it is a picture of little boy growing up and learning to deal with his first loss.
 Metaphorically it is the story of mankind learning to deal with the loss of their loved ones. It is here where money cannot bring back our loved ones, we must learn to cope up with these personal losses. 

However, any amount of money, we may have, we cannot bring our loved ones from the clutches of death. Loss of a loved one can spell a period of intense grief and depression for some of us. Money cannot provide any relief from this situation.
 The moral is that we should stop running madly after money

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